Net Neutrality : Flipkart and Airtel faces anger by consumers

Flipkart with Airtel supporting Net neutrality, made Indian consumers to vent their anger against flipkart and airtel.

Which resulted in huge down rating of flipkart app in Android and IOS stating Net neutrality matters, Save the internet, and many advises to flipkart.

Flipkart and Airtel net neutrality violation Details

Do you want to know what is Net Neutrality?

Flipkart and Airtel Violating Net neutrality, Dont pay for visiting Flipkart, but you have to pay for all Apps or contents you see on internet

For Example: No data plans, you dont need to pay for flipkart as they have a tie up for “Airtel Zero” plan

Now you want to visit other contents or Apps

Pay starts now

Snapdeal – You pay Rs.50

Amazon – You pay Rs.50

Wikipedia – You pay Rs.30

Whatsapp – You pay Rs.70

Scoopbig – You pay Rs.100

Naukri – You pay Rs.50

Office Webmail- You Pay Rs.50

Other all apps or contents you want to visit you need to pay, Now as a user you are restricted to internet as you need to pay for each app or content you visit.

Just compare

Your Mobile bill: Rs.5000/Month, Now you spend only data plan of Rs.95 only.


Flipkart Net neutrality

Flipkart Net neutrality


How Internet is Now?

Take a data plan, Use all apps or contents for free.

Example: You take data plan for Rs.95, you access all contents in web for free.

Flipkart Net neutrality1


Act now by sending your answers for the question by TRAI:

As an Indian, Please visit SAVE THE INTERNET and get your answer to be sent to TRAI before 24th April 2015 to save your freedom of internet.