Arvind kejriwal : Plan of free WiFi available all over Delhi

Free WiFi all over Delhi

 free wifi delhi by arvind kejriwal

free wifi delhi

AAPs Arvind Kejriwal new plan of Free WiFi.
If countries like Finland can grant its citizens internet as a right, why can’t India? If cities like Seoul, Tel Aviv and Taipei can guarantee free Internet, why not Delhi? Internet has now become lifeline for many of us. Why can’t Delhi be a WiFi city?

Currently they are hardly any Wi-Fi hotspots in Delhi. City-wide Wi-Fi can help hugely in bridging the digital divide. It can also play an effective role during a natural disaster. Connecting the city with WiFi is not hard. We will enable it to happen using existing telecom infrastructure by creating a market driven clean mechanism. Internet and telecom companies have been approached and a high level feasibility study has been done in consultation with them.

What do you think about this idea? Do share your thoughts in comments.

strong>Finland WiFi Hotspots: lists Wi-Fi hotspots for public use in Finland. The search below helps you find the free internet access point near your location.

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Check the below link t find the Hotspot.