Central London Hotel Draws Harry Potter Fans With “Wizard Chambers”

Central London Hotel Draws Harry Potter Fans With “Wizard Chambers”

Though the last book of the spectacular Harry Potter series was released seven years ago in 2007, the young wizard continues to be extremely popular with both kids and adults. Over the years, Potter fans have been able to experience numerous aspects of the young wizard’s life, right down to his favorite drink – Butterbeer. Now thanks to a British hotel, they can also spend a night in the wizard’s Hogwarts Castle dormitory room.


The four-star Gregorian Hotel in Central London, which recently revealed its two “Wizard Chambers”, is ideally suited to reproduce J.K. Rowling’s school of wizardry. That’s because the hotel, which is still run by the descendants of the original owners, dates all the way back to 1851. And though it has been retrofitted with modern amenities, not much has been done to its external appearance.

According to Serena von der Heyde, partner at the 163-year-old Georgian House, the idea originated as a way to create a kid-friendly environment in a hotel that is well-known for its staid Victoria Classic and Belgravia Boutique rooms.

The “Wizard Chambers” that have been refinished to resemble the Hogwarts dormitory rooms are furnished with everything a wizard fan could dream of – four-poster beds, potion bottles, cauldrons, spell books, and even battered trunks. In order to make them appear even more magical, the hotel owners have added their own special touches that include placing a wand in the hands of the Mona Lisa painting that adorns one of the chambers.

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