Flipkart in Net Neutrality violation with Airtel

Flipkart faces huge uninstall in apps due to confirmed News that Airtel and Flipkart have struck the first deal that violates net neutrality called “Airtel Zero”.

Flipkart net neutrality violation with airtel

Flipkart net neutrality violation with airtel

What is Net-neutrality?
Net neutrality means that Internet service providers(ISP) should enable access to all content and applications, and without blocking particular products or websites from viewing.

What does Non Net Neutrality Mean?
Non Net neutrality means you will be able to access only some sites which have tie up and you will not be able to access other sites, consumers will have to pay for it to access the site.

Flipkart Apps uninstalls

Flipkart Apps uninstalls

There has been more number of low rating and uninstall for flipkart in Android apps.

Just Log into Android play store:
Choose newest reviews as shown in screen shot to see the latest reviews

Flipkart Latest reviews

Flipkart Latest reviews

So decide what do you support:
Net neutrality or Non Net neutrality

If you would choose Non Net neutrality you are going to pay for each and every thing you view on Apps.

What does Airtel Zero mean?
It allows Users to access apps who have joined ‘Airtel Zero’ for free at zero data charges. So, Non airtel users will have to pay amount to accessing the apps.

What will happen further?
Consumers will pay for each and every thing you use.

A number of users have given the app poor reviews due to net neutrality and there has been many uninstalls in android app . Heading with: Net Neutrality matters.

Other useful sites to register you thoughts:

  1. Medianama
  2. Netneutrality
  3. File you petition at Change.org
  4. Indiantoday

Flipkart not an Indian company, It certainly belongs to Singapore. Check out Sources

Write to TRAI for if you support Net neutrality: [email protected]
Flipkart and airtel are against net neutrality.