Are you a blogger, How bloggers earn money

Are you a blogger?

Here are some ways a good blogger can earn money.

bloggers earn money

bloggers earn money

Ad Networks
How bloggers earn money ?

Google AdSense
Google DoubleClick
Tribal Fusion
Matomy SEO
Miva Merchant
ValueClick Media

Advertisers is the best option by way, you could earn in your site by displaying by recommended steps of displaying ads for each network.

Google Adsense pays out decent amount for advertising in your site. There are other networks which would also pay more for displaying ads. You Grow better Ad network company would contact you for displaying ads.

Merchant Options

Do you have interest in selling some branded products to your customer or subscribers, create you own branded selling options by adding to you site may be a T-shirt, gift items etc which you would have interest on.
This would also lead you to promoting your site.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program is the method where you could promote sale to the affiliated partner and earn money, It is now common among web owners. where bloggers earn money by leading sale to them by writing blogs about them, where the keyword or image is added in their content or bloggers can place banners in their website.