Indian IT Companies comes under top 10 worst Paymasters to it employees, which is one of the top recruitment portal has undertaken a survey for salaries that are being payed by IT companies worldwide, and India was ranked 7th position in the worst pay to it employees.

India among top 10 worst paying countries in IT sector

India among top 10 worst paying countries in IT sector


Survey results:

  • The survey results are shown for Managers at Mid IT level.
  • Manager in India draws an average salary of USD 41,213 (Rs. 2715337.05 dated on 22nd Sep 2015).
  • India was at 8th Position last year and it has moved up one more level recording worst pay.


Top Worst paying countries:

Bulgaria – Pays $ 25,680 PA

Vietnam – Pays $ 30,938 PA

Thailand – Pays $ 34,423 PA

Indonesia – Pays $ 34,780 PA

Philippines – Pays $ 37,534 PA

India – Pays $ 41,213 PA

China – Pays $ 42,689 PA

Czech Republic – Pays $ 43,219 PA

Argentina – Pays $ 51,380 PA


Here comes the Top Paying companies in the world:

Switzerland keeps it position at top with Annual pay of $ 1,71,465,

Belgium stands second with annual pay of $ 1,52,430,

Denmark Stands third with Pay of $ 1,38,920

United States of America – $ 1,32,877

United Kingdom – $ 1,29,324


The Experts also have added that India Pay position would improve in the near future, looking at the rapid and interesting development of technology being done at India.

The survey has been done for mid-career level IT staffs recording 9,413 companies across various companies around the world for month of August 2015.