iPhone 6 Expected to be launched in 2014



Tech Spec

Release Date:

September 2014




Mobile Phone – Smartphone


NC (16GB), NC (32GB), NC (64GB)


Screen Multi-touch 4 “, four-core A8 processor clocked at 2GHz, 2GB RAM, Camera 12Mpx.

iPhone 6: New sketches on the Make!

Before anything else, I want to say that I am absolutely not able to ensure the reliability of the source of the alleged leak source with which I had never before been in contact. The greatest caution is called for …

Now that things are clear and assuming that the illustrations below are true, the iPhone 6 would be declined in two versions (N56 / N61 and 402/401 models) respectively equipped with a screen of 4.7 inches and 5.5 of diagonal.

Visibly thinner than the current iPhone 5s
(7.1mm thick according to my source), first note that the edges of the iPhone are slightly curved unlike those of previous generations with four slices were flat.



It then noted that the two buttons for adjusting the volume of these devices (+ and -) are no longer separated but united in the form of a single button . Similar to the buttons on the iPhone first name, iPhone 3G and 3GS configuration. Last disturbing detail visible
on the sketch in question, the headphone jack was placed at the far right in the bottom of the models and not the left … When in doubt, so keep in mind that the view givenby the image could, for I do not know why, have been reversed

To finish and give you a clearer idea of what the iPhone could look like, I asked my friend
Pradeep K to produce a series of 3D renderings based on the flight of the day. Note that we arepassing fun to imagine the design of the back of the iPhone. Sapphire crystal at the center of all the rumors that arise around or next smartphones California, I finally opted for a glass surface designed this ultra-resistant plastic