Make Image Background Transparent using fotoflexer Editor

Now its easy making your images transparent using the fotoflexer Editor online. You will have to learn photo shop to make your images transparent ,which is the powerful editor though.

Once you are into the fotoflexer editor, all you have to do is upload a Photo or choose a Sample Photo.

In this example we will choose a sample photo:

Photoflex Sample image

fotoflexer Sample image

Click on the Geek Tab in the screen,  There you will find options such as Smart resize, Smart Recolor, Smart Cut out, Smart Scissors, Curves, Morph.

You can Choose Smart Scissors which is for cutting the image, the special thing about Smart Scissors is when you start cutting along the edges, the layout automatically gets adjusted according to the edged layout.



Photoflex Edited Image

fotoflexer Edited Image


Once you are done creating the layout, click on the Create Cut to Cut the image removing the background.

That’s it your are done, enjoy editing with more options in the fotoflexer.

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