Move Magento from one domain to another domain

The tutorial is about moving magento from one domain to another new domain or existing domain. In case you need to copy your live site to your Testing domain you will need to follow these simple 5 steps.

Its easy copying or moving you magento website to your new domain.

1. New Domain

Make sure you have registered your new domain, and check if your web hosting meets all magento installation guides.

2.Ways to Export database tables:

  1. Now move on to your phpMYadmin, choose the table that you want to export, and make sure you choose manual selection to choose all the table to be exported.
  2.  In Cpanel you will find Backup icon, click the icon and you will see all kind of backups to be done. you can download the Magento table that needs table moved.

Now you have the table back up, if you have used the second step of exporting the database table then extract the file. so that you get the .sql extension database file.

You can also Use  via console with mysqldump, n98-magerun

3. Extract backup file into to your new magento directory


4. Check for file-permissions: Usually you will have 644 for files and 755 for folders.

5. Import the backed up database-dump into your new server: 

Open the database you have created, and click Import ad select the SQL Dump that you have downloaded.

6. Goto app/etc/local.xml and update you database settings



    <frontName><![CDATA[ ***** ]]></frontName>

7. You will need to Update URLs in table core_config_data:

    path ="web/unsecure/base_url"


8. Next Move on to Folder var/cache, var/session, var/report, var/log and clear the files in it

9. You all set to go….