Oops moment for Flipkart on big billion days sale 2015




Flipkart Oops moments during Big Billion Day sales. Flipkart has done 1 million product sales in 10 hours as per their release. But there are double the time customers who are not satisfied with the BBD sale in App only.

Here comes the OOPS moments that have been collected from Facebook.

1. Customer looks for a product that he has bought before few days back, but the price remain the same.
Before and now price


2. Product shows a different price, when moved into the product page it shows higher price.

Change in price


3.Customer Tries to buy at the start of BBD, but oops for him, app could not be downloaded.

Could not download

4. Customer compares the Product price in Amazon and Snapdeal which are almost nearbuy, but big difference of price in Flipkart.

High price in flipkart compared to snapdeal dna amazon

5. Customer check for price of watch and its of Huge price for him to carry.
High price

6.App oops Moment Oops

7. App stopped working in middle, a frustrated customer.

8. Comparison of Watch from Flipkart and amazon in APP, this where amazon stands


The difference stands

9. Again a Frustrated customer

Trimmer Amazon vs Flipkart

10. Customer Uninstalling the App, as he does not want to shop from App. May be..


10. Free Windows 10 Upgrade when you buy these shoes.

Windows10 for Shoes


Flipkart needs to improve a lot, in-spite of creating more hype to their customers. so that they don’t get cheated down.

  • Arvind Nedumaran

    A lot of it is photoshopped! Nice try. But joke’s on you.

  • Big fool day again

  • Sorrowfull Blinger

    cmon guys .. with such heavy traffic these things can happen … you cant plan for every thing ….

  • Vignesh G

    Angry Customers on Flipkart and myntra, Creating hype with customers and they get cheated.