Paytm with Chinese sellers: A Bad news for India

Paytm with Chinese sellers

Paytm and Alibaba have joined hands. Alibaba had invested $575 million in Paytm to acquire 25% stake in the company this year 2015.

Alibaba is going to list its 10Crore stock keeping units into Paytm Marketplace, It’s a Good news for paytm.

Paytm Alibaba competing with Indian sellers

Paytm Alibaba competing with Indian sellers

What’s bad and how are Indian sellers going to be affected directly?

Most of the products are from china, from Chinese sellers and they are going to compete with Indian sellers.
Now Indian sellers are going to face a big heat, as the products from china would be cheap than it is available in India as you people are aware of it.
India should react before the products are going to be listed. Indian Manufactured products will suffer a huge loss, May go in crores.