Ratan Tata buying Jaguar from Ford: Not a Revenge story

Ratan Tata Chairman of Tata group of company, which is one of the leading business company in India. He is one of the India’s most trusted business leader.

Here is the story of Tata motors with Ford

Tata Indica was launched in the year 1998 by Tata motors in decision to enter Passenger vehicles. Tata indica was failure for the company, its experiment was also failing and Ratan Tata was advised to sell it passenger car business in 1999.

The Proposal to sell its business was planned and Ford Motors showed interest in it. Ratan Tata and its team arrived at Ford Head Quarter Detroit, United states. Meeting with Ford Bill continued for 3 hours and there was bad response from Ford Team and was also kind of insulting, where Ratan Tata and his team received from them.

He returned back home with great insult, he started doing well in his passenger car business and turn came for Ratan Tata in the year 2008. where ford was facing a huge debt and wanted to sell its Jaguar and land-rover to control its debt. It was Ratan Tata who offered the company to buy its business and deal was finalized for 2.3 billion dollar (9300 crore Indian Rupees at that time for Indian INR).

JLR Ratan Tata Deal

JLR Ratan Tata Deal

Ford and its team arrived at “Bombay House” headquarter of Tata Group to finalize the deal, Ford bill in meeting conveyed that you are doing a big favor for us by buying Jaguar and Land Rover division.

This is where Ratan Tata stands as a great business leader and he is recognized for it.