Real Hero’s of SETC bus service from tamilnadu

The Real Story of SETC bus break down between Sri perumbadur – Kanchipuram and the real hero’s of the SETC bus driver and conductor. Including lorry Driver.

The SETC bus was moving towards Bangalore from Chennai, it was raining heavily and some cause, the bus stopped suddenly  (breakdown), the bus was leaking inside with rain every, Passengers inside the bus started shouting at the bus driver and conductor, but they kept clam and was finding an alternate solution for the problem. No where stopped, more raising voice from angry passengers.


Real Heros of SETC bus

Real Heros of SETC bus


They were trying hard to find the problem, where the problem was from?  After 45 minutes of trying hard, they moved to another solution asking help from other SETC buses to help them out with more tools. But still they could not make it out, they tried calling the management to ask for alternate arrangements, as usual no proper response from them and asks lots of questions to them instead trying to resolve the problem. They still did not give up and went on trying to find a solution. At last they stopped a lorry at random to ask for more tools to help them out and came the lorry driver to help them out even in the rain.

Drivers and conductors and never minded in getting wet in the rain and even get themselves completely dirty by going under the bus to resolve the problem. Lets think if we are in that position and instead of helping them out, and we keep on blaming them, no where we will get a solution to it and will have to stay in the bus with rain leaking every where around us.

At last they 3 together fixed the issue and the bus got started and started running smoothly, and they we praised after that and was considered too be heros of that night.

Adhi Shri inquired about the driver and conductor about their educational background and here are his comments

Now this conductor handled 48 angry passengers (one less because I was neutral watching this pan out) , red-tapism, bureaucracy, bad weather conditions and a nervous driver with extreme tact. He fought even when all odds were against him and remained cheerful without showing a hint of worry. He cheered up everyone when everything was going wrong. He knew only couple of English words “no problem” and still conveyed his intention. This is what leadership is all about. He got help mysteriously from outside but he believed in himself. When I asked him about what he studied, he said barely made it to the 12th grade. This is what India is filled with. Talents and leaders who not always found from top B schools and educational institutions. They are present everywhere but we just fail to appreciate such people. We as Indians are not aware of our strengths. We are much more than what we think. No hurdles are enough to stop us from achieving what we need.
I might have paid just 383 rs for the ticket and he might be close to 55 years old and a random conductor in a tamil nadu bus but he has taught us a great crash course in leadership !

We should really thank the lorry driver, who came out to help the SETC bus driver and conductor even in that situation of heavy rain. People do their masters in learning how to handle a situation and about team management. Why don’t they apply those on these situations?

The Heros of that night has completed only with their school studies that too in Tamil medium, try to do it in situations, that we gain after studies.

Lets share the news to maximum, which could also help the hero’s in some way.

We would like to thank Adhi for writing the situation, which he has taken it positively. Instead of blaming them.

You can find Adhi Shri Linkedin Profile @ adithiyasreenivasannagarajan 

Source of article experienced by Adhi Shri