Review of Hyundai Xcent.


Hyundai Xcent

Rakesh Srivastava, senior vice president, sales and marketing, HMIL, said, “We appreciate and thank our customers for showing strong confidence in brand Hyundai and making Xcent a huge success in India. Xcent has created a benchmark in quality, features and technology offering higher value proposition in such a short span of time. We are committed and continuously working on the operational efficiencies to cater to the demand to reduce the waiting period.”

What about the engine performance?

Yes, the performance. Now, if you are looking at something more lively and fun to drive, then you would definitely want to go with the petrol. The Kappa2
motor is refined, packs in 82 horses under its hood and comes with a butter-smooth five-speed gearbox that’s a breeze to use, even in city traffic. And if
you aren’t a big fan of changing gears manually, then you could also opt for the four-speed auto ‘box. The 82bhp, 114Nm, 1.2-litre petrol motor just loves
to be revved hard and will delight you with its linear power delivery.

The 3cyl, 71bhp, 180Nm, 1.1-litre turbo-diesel is the least powerful one as far its competition goes, and it shows out on the road. Part throttle response
is good, but a major chunk of power is available only between 2,000-3,500rpm. So just when you want to overtake that annoying fast-paced vehicle, the lack
in outright power is evident. You’ll need to downshift a gear or two to extract max juice from the motor and that could be a bit annoying on the highway.
But then its a three-pot motor, so you can’t expect DZire-style performance.

For the record, Hyundai claims the petrol Xcent will run 24.4 kilometres per litre of diesel, while the petrol will return 19.1kpl for the manual and
18.7kpl for the auto

The Xcent Mileage Reviews

Petrol: 4cyl, 1.2-litre, 82bhp, 114Nm, 5M/4A, 19.1kpl/18.7kpl

Diesel: 3cyl, 1.1-litre, 71bhp, 180Nm, 5M, 24.4kpl
How good is the pricing?

The Hyundai Xcent is available in three variants, Base, S and SX, with additional Option (O) trims for the top-end SX variants. While the base petrol
starts at Rs 4.66 lakh, the top-end variant retails at Rs 6.47 lakh for the manual variants. The petrol auto is priced at Rs 6.3 lakh and Rs 7.2 lakh,
while the diesel range is between Rs 5.56 lakh to Rs 7.38 lakh (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi). These are very competitive prices, and with the kind of
features available for the asking price, the Xcent can surely give its rivals a run for their money.