Set and table field SYST-UNAME do not match SAP Upgrade

Note 1885291: Message GB 302 with set for table SYST


After an upgrade to Release SAP_BASIS 740 the system issues the error message GB 302 “Set & and table field & do not match” when you use validations.
This concerns a set for the table SYST, such as the table field UNAME. Before SAP_BASIS 740 the table field SYST-UNAME has the data element SYUNAME as the component type. Since the conversion of the data elements from system structures to SAP_BASIS Release 7.40, SYST-UNAME has data element SYST_UNAME as the component type.

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Reason and Prerequisites:

The reason for this is the changed data elements from system structures, also see the attached SAP Note 1883847.

This Error might occur during Up gradation to SAP 740 version.