Uber vs Ola Taxi bill Comparison in Bangalore

Uber vs Ola bill comparison in Bangalore for same distance.
This is the real bill comparison between Ola and Uber. where group of friends, who took cab in Ola and Uber from Forum Mall Koramangala to Yeshwantpur railway Station 7th aug 2015. Since they were not able to book more than 1 cabs in uber due to restriction in App, they no choice but to book Ola cab.

When they started booking cab in Ola through Mobile App, it popped out a message showing 1.2x times higher than normal price, they has no choice rather than choosing it.

By the time choosing Location and other details it popped out 3 more messages till 2.2x times higher price, as they had no other choice than to reach the railway station by taking the cab.

One group of friends had 43 mins of travel in Uber to reach the railway station and their final  bill was Rs.188

Other group of friends in Ola took 40 mins to reach the railway station and their final bill was 489.

Uber: Rs.188


Ola: Rs. 489

Find the Pictures for Ola and Uber Bills

Uber bill

Uber bill

Ola bill

Ola bill

Ola was respected as one of the most startup of the year, Do they deserve it. While American Company do their Job perfect, that’s why we turn in favor of them.

Startup burn cash to acquire customers and once they finish their turn, they try to burn cash of Common people. Is this really a business model to be admired? Instead they should have spent the money in proper way to acquire customer.

Source from : Facebook

  • Saurabh Mundra

    the math on the fare breakup for ola does not add up…..

  • Stop writing bullshit. It’s photoshopped.

  • prasanthp18

    How do you tell that it is photo shopped? This is the real picture and the situation faced by a customer and he has written in his FB post

  • naveen

    This is true, OLA at peak hours they charge more, .9 times,. 1+ and goes on… OLA is blood sucker at peak hours…